Decision Support Systems

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We are a UK based systems integrator with cross industry experience and technical capabilities which enable us to deliver proven capabilities and innovation around the world.

We deliver against your business needs, engaging key individuals to complement and assist your internal (or outsourced) teams to enhance their ability to meet the organisation’s objectives quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and with a reduced level of risk.

Our knowledge of major ‘infrastructure’ software such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft combined with a number of more specific, advanced capabilities such as data visualisation, text and linguistic analysis, biometrics and integration make us unique in our ability to deliver value for money in areas such as solution design and architecture, systems integration and software deployment.

Areas of specialisation include:

  •  Business Needs Analysis
  •  Enterprise and System Architecture
  •  Decision Support Systems
  •  Enterprise Search
  •  Text Analysis and Linguistic Analysis Solutions
  •  Systems Integration
  •  Portal
  •  Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  •  Biometrics
  •  Software Development.

Our diverse industry experience enables us to provide cross-pollination of ideas for innovation and efficiency.  Experience in aerospace/defence/intelligence, police, energy/utilities/power, financial services, retail and transportation can be drawn upon for delivering capability to you.

Our experience includes consultancy in design authority roles, writing integration standards, designing integrated enterprise architectures, project management, delivering complex integration projects (including ESBs), deploying and enhancing COTS solutions and standard software packages, as well as developing enterprise software.

Development skills include Java, C++/C#, .NET, Eclipse, Dojo ...

We have experience of integrating with a wide variety of systems from major solutions such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft through to dedicated solution providers such as i2, OmniPerception and Primavera.

We look forward to discussing with you the requirements of your organisation and how we can assist you in meeting your objectives effectively.

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