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Our UK based team has experience in all aspects of the construction of IT system architectures and the phased delivery of software solutions within these architectures. Over the past 20 years we have delivered software solutions to address a wide range of business and technical issues encountered by a diverse range of organisations.  We have enabled organisations to effectively exploit new information technology whilst managing the associated risks effectively for smooth delivery and avoiding lock-in to a single supplier.  As such we have ensured that:

  • Existing IT capital investments have been exploited for greatest payback
  • The capital investment required to implement new solutions has been reduced
  • A beneficial Return on Investment (ROI) from new procurements has been gained
  • The platform, solution framework, software architecture, and products implemented have flexibility for future adaption to meet the changing needs of the business.

Our experience shows that the need for an effective architecture is critical to enable the business to exploit new technologies effectively whilst supporting changing business needs as they evolve – all driven by the need to deliver a beneficial return on investment and minimise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  In a construction analogy – know what you want before designing the building.  Design the building before digging the foundations.  Lay the foundations before building the walls or the roof.  Build the walls and the roof before moving in.

We have either led and/or participated in the development of many enterprise architectures and then supported the software solution and design with the implementation of a broad range of systems and applications which deliver against the business requirements whilst supporting the overall architecture that we have designed.

Our UK team have delivered software application and enterprise architectures and then implemented those architectures for a wide range of customers in the finance, insurance, telecoms, retail and government/defence sectors.

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