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We are currently running a substantial project implementing a portal based solution, in order to develop a combined enterprise search and business intelligence system for a customer. This enterprise search system captures risk information from a wide range of data sources including documents within a directory, in a content management solution and accessible on the web. The business system analyses the information using lexical analysis and neural network categorisation techniques to identify risks for the business and then presents the information to the user in response to specific requests or areas of interest to which a user has subscribed.  This enables better informed business decision making, rapidly raises awareness of areas of risk for attention and of new specific risks.  Rapid identification leads to rapid and effective response and ensures analysts are spending most of their time analysing and assessing and responding to risks, and less time trawling information to locate/identify risks.  Greater productivity, more time to respond, more informed decisions and as a result – more effective response to risks.

We are currently undertaking a pilot with our customer to extend the solution using a business rules engine to create a knowledge base of risk events allowing us to identify earlier and more precisely the scenarios which create risks to the business so that the business can take action even earlier.  This should enable the organisation to manage risks as they appear (or even before they appear) and to minimise the number of times the same or similar risks impact the business.

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