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Our consultants have many years of experience managing and implementing system integration projects.  Some examples are provided below:

Redesign of system integration software

A performance problem occurred when levels of business processed by the system exceeded a threshold level.  This was resolved by re-designing the system to implement a work flow front end which optimised the capture and input of requests into the system. We then re-architected the solution to implement a publish-and-subscribe mechanism that removed the need to poll the database, reducing system load from approximately 98% to just 6% and ensured transactions were delivered to the users within a sub-second response.  This improved response times, increased user satisfaction, improved transaction performance and freed up infrastructure for other transactions (improved capital efficiency of the existing hardware/infrastructure).

Enterprise resource planning system

A major retail organisation needed to migrate from a mainframe solution to a new ERP solution and needed to re-design and implement the integration to all its stores and in-store tills.  Our system integration consultant worked with the customer to architect the overall solution, define the standards for implementation and design and implement interfaces between service components.  Within tight timescales we then implemented a new product to meet an additional urgent customer integration need.  The implementation was so successful that it was then adopted as a standard integration mechanism across the organisation; improving the speed with which new technologies could be implemented, reducing ongoing integration costs, reducing the pressure on internal resources and speeding the transaction flow in the organisation.

Business to business integration solution

A customer attempted to implement a business to business integration solution using IBM WebSphere MQ and was encountering problems connecting through their corporate firewall.  We were able to identify the relevant mechanisms for undertaking this work, to guide them in the implementation, to undertake a range of tasks ourselves and ensure knowledge transfer to the operational team in the process.  This not only solved the issue but also enabled them to address problems as they arose and take operational ownership of the solution in-house.

System integration solution

A large insurance company wished to integrate a back-end insurance engine running on IBM iSeries hardware with a front-end quotation system running on Windows/Unix.  We designed the solution with them, wrote integration standards for the developers, installed and configured the integration technology and then supported the testing process until the solution was commissioned.  We then provided ongoing support to the operations team enabling them to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve problems in a timely manner.

Custom integration

For a large financial institution we implemented a pilot project to develop custom integration interfaces which linked an existing TCP/IP integration platform (implemented using an in-house protocol) to a standardised WebSphere MQ message hub consistent with their corporate standard.  The result was higher levels of security and assured performance for this high transaction throughput system.  The impact was more consistent and reliable performance of this business-critical, customer-centric process.  Customers gained from a reliable, secure responsive system and it allowed the organisation to implement a system with standardised support and reduced risk to the business.

Software to aid the exploiting of data

A major household name had an existing solution for capturing time critical data from sensors distributed across a site.  They wished to upgrade this solution to exploit commercial technology but were concerned whether the required performance and reliability metrics could be met.  We undertook a pilot that demonstrated it was possible to exploit commercial technology using the real time messaging features of IBM messaging technology and as a consequence the team were engaged on the program.  This enabled the company to reduce support requirements and costs, benefit from standard software upgrades and reduce the total operating costs for the system.

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