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From primary defence organisations such as MoD and DoD, through prime contractors, tier 2 contractors and the extended supply chain the changing demands of shifting geopolitical and security environments are creating increasing demands for safety, security, capability, efficiency, and adaptability.

At the same time the recent changes to the economic environment and the move towards a ‘greener planet’ are having implications for the wider commercial aerospace industry.  The price of oil, the cost of manufacture and the increasingly competitive tendering for new aircraft and their components and maintenance is forcing change on those companies involved in the aerospace sector.

Diegesis are able to enhance competitiveness, reduce costs and provide platforms for innovation for defence operations and aerospace organisations.

The landscape for armed forces operations has changed dramatically over the past 20 years and as a result the needs across all aspects of defence operations have changed.  The locations, environments, battle spaces and logistics implications have adjusted substantially.  Operations have had to adjust to meet the needs of the country, the world and the men and women from the front line to the manufacture of smallest component in the supply and logistics operations.

The new long life military platforms being delivered for military operations have had significant implications for the defence and aerospace supply chains.  Modular and swappable components and the need for longer term through life capability management have provided opportunity and challenge throughout the industry.

The additional flexibility in the current DIS (Defence Industrial Strategy) points to increased ability to off-shore and greater competitive tendering even for on-shore sourcing.  For those in defence supply chain the focus will need to remain heavily on competitive advantage whether through capability, innovation, cost control or experience.

The enhanced sophistication of components and the desire (where appropriate) to use COTS means that systems integration and engineering will change in coming years as the focus is on support, maintenance and rapid upgrades with ‘swappable’ components rather than long term platform development.

Diegesis are able to support organisations from the MoD to the manufacturers of military equipment and hardware with the provision of enhanced capability in support of defence operations.  From major aerospace companies and tier 1 suppliers to specialist equipment providers Diegesis can help you to operate more efficiently and effectively.  From reducing IT operational costs to the ability to make optimum decisions faster Diegesis has a range of capabilities to enhance operations.

Diegesis’ experience in aerospace, defence and intelligence demonstrates our commitment to discretion and confidentiality as well as our ability to deliver proven capability along with innovation in demanding environments.

We have security cleared staff.

The Diegesis team includes a range of skills and experience which ensures a rapid ‘time to performance’ for Aerospace and Defence organisations.  The team includes people who have prior experience writing air traffic management systems, an army officer, ex-LogicaCMG staff who worked on defence systems development (including work for Logica Space and Defence Systems (RARDE Electronic Warfare Simulation and Logica Computer Security Evaluation Facility), and a weapons analyst.

A number of our staff previously worked on and developed web based project and enterprise risk management software which is used extensively in the aerospace and defence organisations around the world.

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