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Banking, Finance & Insurance

Global financial markets and banking and finance organisations have recently had a challenging time.

Significant adjustments have had to be made for some organisations, additional regulation is being discussed and the future remains uncertain for many.  As the appetite for risk increases once more, and markets start to respond, there will be a need to re-align policy with the new approach and increased governance.

Meanwhile on a daily basis the operations need to be maintained and efficiency improvements have to be made.

The insurance industry faces increasing competition and policy switching.  Customer service defines a key differentiator in some markets while product variation, specialisation, and price play a part in others.  The ability to understand your customers, to retain customers of value and to cross sell products enhances the performance of the market leaders.

The changing market has resulted in a number of mergers and acquisitions which raise the bar for systems integration requirements as well as regulatory compliance e.g. know your customer (KYC), Freedom of Information (FoI), Anti Money Laundering (AML) ...

Diegesis have a range of offerings to assist banking, finance and insurance companies.  The team’s experience comes from many years of providing payments solutions, systems integration and file transfer solutions, process management/workflow systems, and document & content management systems (for enhanced customer services, account opening, Data Protection/FoI compliance, change of address, forms processing, claims handling, statement archiving...), to many of the UK’s leading retails banks, private banks, insurance companies and other organisations.

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