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For consultancy and services companies competitive advantage comes from people and capability.  That includes knowledge, skills, experience, methods, processes and IPR.

The key differentiator for competitiveness and assured delivery is the people (whether employed or contractors) who provide the knowledge, experience, skills and capability to win bids, and deliver projects within an acceptable risk envelope and timescale.  Locating the right people at the right time to manage the risk profile of a project and to deliver against the specifications of the project provides efficiency and cost control while delivering customer satisfaction.

Innovation and creative solutions to problems can be maximised through ensuring the best people for the job are available at the right time for optimum decisions to be made every step of the way.

Diegesis capabilities in decision support systems and skills location capabilities can enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, competitiveness and productivity of consultancy and services organisations.  See the links below for more details.

Download our white paper on ‘Information and Knowledge Management’.

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