Decision Support Systems

Law Enforcement – Actionable Intelligence with Maximum Insight

For police/law enforcement, counter terrorism and national security.

Actionable intelligence supports the identification of threats, the identification of crime patterns and the identification of offenders (particularly serial offenders) from diverse information stores and data sources – supporting optimum decision making, effective actions and enhanced officer safety.

Whether your biggest challenges relate to counterterrorism, drugs investigations, organized crime, intelligence analysis, fraud, missing persons, major investigations, counterfeiting, immigration control, major event security, money laundering, gang investigations, weapons, CDRP … actionable intelligence supports the identification of threats, the identification of crime patterns and the identification of offenders (particularly serial offenders).

 Diegesis enable you to:

  •  Increase the efficiency with which information is gathered, shared and acted upon
  •  Produce actionable information from your varied information and data sources
  •  Gain insight from diverse sources of information
  •  Understand relationships and links between items/entities (people, locations, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicles, weapons ...) contained within electronic documents, statements, reports, data fields in data bases, internet and e-mail
  •  Rapidly and securely access pertinent information from across all information sources
  •  Bring together and synthesize all the relevant strands of information to create a coherent picture to guide resource deployment and effort
  •  Enhance crime analysis, trend analysis and predictive forecasting by enhancing data mining and data analysis capabilities with document mining, text analysis and meaning based search capabilities
  •  Support ‘policing by consultation’.

Having access to the optimum information in a timely manner:

  •  Improves overall information integrity and speed of information access to optimize decision-making
  •  Increases the ability to see emerging and established crime patterns and trends as well as identifying deviations and anomalies
  •  Enables faster and higher rates of case-closing through more efficient gathering and analysis of crime-related data
  •  Reduces crime and rapidly identifies serial offenders for enhanced quality of life
  •  Provides enhanced scenario awareness
  •  Improves risk analysis with resulting increase in officer safety
  •  Increases efficiency of resources resulting in greater public safety within the tax budget
  •  Drives more pro-active policing
  •  Supports appropriate policies and legislation.

Using a combination of advanced techniques including natural language processing, linguistic analysis, semantic analysis, fuzzy matching, parametric search, federated search, lemmatization and normalisation, entity/identity resolution and relationship analysis, the enhanced search capabilities delivered by Diegesis provide enhanced actionable intelligence and insight.

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