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National Security & Border Control

National security and border control operations have had to make significant changes.  The increased focus on the prevention of international crime, terrorism, trafficking and illegal immigration has resulted from changes in the geopolitical environment, easier travel, faster and lower cost international transport, the removal of significant political barriers, the easing of international trade (in some regions) and the opening of access to a wider international community especially in relation to countries within the European Union.  The requirement to facilitate the flow of people and goods while preventing illegal entry requires an effective and efficient process and the tools to authenticate movements and border crossings.

Passenger and visitor numbers have increased, the volume of imports and exports has increased, the number of entry points and methods has increased, and the sophistication of the methods of those wishing to cross borders illegally or with intent to harm has escalated.

Diegesis provide decision support systems which assist in the daily decision making and investigative work of national security and border control operations.  Aiding the ability to assess risks and locate threats efficiently and effectively.  Enabling maximum insight into people and actions of interest and maximising the potential to identify people on watch lists.

The combination of requirements for data and information access, sharing and integration combined with regulations on privacy provides an additional set of challenges.  Combining with police operations to address the issue of ‘over-stayers’ and the identification of illegal goods that have made their way to their final destination inside the country adds another layer of collaboration and complexity.

Diegesis have delivered and support systems for national security and defence organisations.  With an appreciation of the complexity of requirements and the operational environment our security cleared staff are well positioned to support the enhancement of security operations.

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