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Power and utilities companies working to deliver the infrastructure and products required by the nation within the parameters set by the regulatory bodies provides a business environment with many opportunities and challenges.  From infrastructure and asset management to legal, safety and regulatory compliance the framework within which to deliver value for money under funding and revenue agreements is one which demand s effective resource management, asset management and ongoing efficiency.

Delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction in competitive in increasingly competitive markets requires excellent operational performance across the business including systems and people.

Diegesis provide a range of offerings to assist you to optimise decision making, maximise efficiency and performance and enhance customer service.

Our experience comes from many industries which enables us to deliver proven capabilities along with innovation and cross-industry pollination of ideas and best practice for power and utilities companies.  For example the team has:

  •  Converted ERP systems
  •  Implemented and integrated major payment systems
  •  Delivered and integrated document scanning/management systems (e.g. customer correspondence, automated invoices processing, CRM document support etc.) including for a water utility company
  •  Implemented billing output management (including for a major electric utility company)
  •  Implemented e-mail archiving (including for a water utility company)
  •  Designed, developed and delivered risk management systems including integration with project management systems (e.g. Primavera) to some of the world’s largest projects companies including power/utilities companies (inc. nuclear).

Download our white paper ‘Major Projects: Competitiveness and Profitability

Major Projects – Competitiveness and Profitability – Overview

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