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Transportation organisations from airlines to trucking companies, from rail to city traffic management, and from ferries to bus operators, have felt the impact and seen the opportunity of rapid change more than almost any other industry.  Oil prices, security, environmental considerations, regulation, increasing population numbers, new business models, manufacturing processes (for new stock/vehicles/components), world and local geopolitical and economic changes, have all impacted organisations across the transportation industry.

New technologies are enabling new opportunities across the sector.  Enhanced biometrics and passenger analysis tools (including data analytics identity and entity resolution, relationship analysis, data visualisation) assist in enhancing security.  New payment technologies and methods enable new pricing models and reduce operating costs, greater processing power and data management capabilities enables vast volumes of data to be analysed and processed in ‘real time’ with minimal transaction lag.  Competitive business models which combine transportation methods and routes, targeted offerings based on customer metrics and profiles and supply/demand analysis, and combining use based charging with rental/hire models enables greater flexibility for consumers whilst encouraging new ideas and increased competition for other providers.

The increasing use of radio frequency devices and the integration of GIS systems provides more data from which to assess areas for enhancement and efficiency.

Cost efficiencies are being enabled through automated passenger handling and customer service operations.  Interactive traffic management reduces the impacts of congestion and opens the opportunity for revenue generating schemes.  Even vehicle engine management systems can be modified to suit the style of route the vehicle travels to maximise efficiency and fuel economy beyond the ‘one size fits all’ or ‘compromise’ settings provided from the factory.

From the large strategic change projects enabled by integrated technologies from multiple vendors to the delivery of issue specific systems, Diegesis have a wide range of skills and experience to help you reach your objectives.

The Diegesis team have broad prior experience of delivering systems to transportation companies over many years including:

  •  Performance management, tuning and migration strategies for moving to new systems for a rail management organisation
  •  Consulting for a transportation management/strategy organisation
  •  Developed the messaging hub for integrating messages which display on traffic information boards
  •  Wrote the design and standards for a rail organisation design authority
  •  Development of Safety Critical Systems including helping to design a fault tolerant air traffic information display system
  •  Development of Windows front-ends to mainframe airline reservation system used by travel agents for a consortium of airlines
  •  Written interfaces to process airline reservation information
  •  Route optimisation for a major bus/coach operator
  •  Consultancy for a tram operator.

Our team also has prior experience of developing software for risk management in the transportation sector, used by some of the major rail and network operators in the UK.

In addition our experience across other industries enables us to deliver proven capability as well as innovation to the transportation industry.

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