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Diegesis is proudly partnered with:

Avnet Logo Avnet Technology Solutions worldwide is a value-added distributor of enterprise-computing products, software and services with locations in more than 34 countries.
IBM Business Partner IBM helped pioneer information technology over the years, and it stands today at the forefront of a worldwide industry that is revolutionising the way in which enterprises, organisations and people operate and thrive.  Diegesis are proud to be members of the IBM PartnerWorld for Software programme.
 Kognitio Logo Kognitio is the provider of Kognitio WX2, a high performance analytical in-memory database solution that allows organizations to understand more about their business and their customers in shorter timescales. Companies run Kognitio WX2 to analyze large volumes of data quickly, allowing them to make more informed, better business decisions that help them to drive growth and reduce costs. Kognitio WX2 is available as a software-only solution, as a fully configured data warehouse appliance running on industry-standard hardware or on-demand via DaaS, Kognitio's data warehousing as a service offering. Learn more at

OmniPerception Ltd is an advanced computer vision company meeting customers’ needs in two main areas:

Automatic Facial Biometrics – providing fast, accurate face recognition in a wide range of applications; and

Advanced Computer Vision tools – bringing a step-change in truly intelligent automated surveillance and reconnaissance; and also including advanced video analysis applications for brand exposure and product placement monitoring TV, film and other image communications media.

Transflow Logo Transflow's solutions manage, monitor and optimise, in-flight, business transactions, while supporting drill-down access to the underlying IT infrastructure, and risk assessment functionality that quantifies a business's exposure to problems with transaction handling.

Transflow is a Diegesis Group company.
Xactium Logo

Xactium's governance and compliance products provide a systematic approach to managing corporate governance and regulatory compliance activities.