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White Paper: Major Projects – Competitiveness and Profitability


Major Projects – Competitiveness and Profitability – Introduction


White Paper: Competitiveness and Profitability through Effective Knowledge Management


White Paper: HR Performance Optimization


Law Enforcement – Actionable Intelligence with Maximum Insight


Enterprise Search – Actionable Information


Enhancing File System Search


Enhancing Lotus Domino Search - Introduction


Enhancing Lotus Domino Search


Extending IBM WebSphere Portal Search

Middleware Spectra

Title Author Date
Risk Management and Middleware Projects Nick Denning Nov 2007
Managing Risks on Middleware Projects Nick Denning May 2007
A CTO Reflects on the Evolution of Middleware Nick Denning Feb 2007
Reviewing an Architecture Nick Denning Nov 2006

Reproduced by kind permission of Charles Brett – Editor, Middleware Spectra.

Nick Denning is the founder and CEO of Diegesis. The articles above were written when he was CTO of Strategic Thought Ltd, a company of which he was a founder and board member between 1987 and 2007.