Decision Support Systems

Competitiveness and Profitability through Effective Information and Knowledge Management

White Paper – 2009


Senior executives and management interested in practical steps to improve the performance of their department, division or organisation through more effective use and re-use of the key resources already available to them – people & information.  Of particular interest to executives in operations, IT, HR, services, sales.


Results come from action.  Actions come from decisions.  Decisions are based on experience, knowledge and information.  People, Knowledge and Information are the key assets which impact performance and competitiveness for most successful organisations.  This white paper considers the practical steps organizations can take to improve their competitiveness and profitability through the effective implementation of information architectures and systems to support productive knowledge management.  Such improvements need to be made as part of a strategic plan incorporating human factors if they are to be successful.  As such they work best when sponsored by a business executive such as the CEO or COO in combination with support from HR and IT.

Abridged Summary:

This white paper looks at the manner in which information management and knowledge management impact profitability, company competitiveness and over-all corporate performance.  It then looks at realistic and practical ways to dramatically enhance performance – through increased productivity, enhanced ability to locate and engage information, people, knowledge and skills across the organisation for best effect, and to increase the capacity for innovation.

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