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More than ever the threat of terrorism, vandalism and fraud is a high risk factor for many commercial organisations (especially those in industries such as power, natural resources, utilities provision, financial services and government).  Controlling site access is an important factor in ensuring safety and preventing risk impacts.

Biometrics is leading the way in identity resolution and identity assurance and facial recognition is the ultimate in user-friendly secure access control with positive facial biometric identity check built in; the ideal solution for rapid secure access to any area/premises where high priorities include:

  • Certainty about the identity of those entering
  • Rapid, appropriate, secure entry without delay or inconvenience to the user.

Camera and software technology now provides extreme robustness to changing ambient conditions of light or weather making these solutions practical for use inside and outside.

For commercial, government and military organisations accurate access controls are vital to security, safety and stability.  The use of i.d. cards, swipe cards, tokens, proximity recognition and PIN numbers have been in use for many years.  These methods are still open to misuse and abuse; they can be stolen, ‘borrowed’, hacked and otherwise thwarted. 

Facial recognition is the most effective manner of rapidly identifying who is who and whether to allow access or not in an unobtrusive manner.

Face recognition access control is easy-to-use, allowing you to add a positive biometric ID check to your access control system - existing or new. The system is easy to install and configure to your requirements. With face recognition you can be confident that the people allowed access to your premises really are who they say they are. When someone looks into the camera, they can only activate the door controller if their face ‘fits’.

Diegesis work with the world’s only truly light-immune solution that works in any lighting conditions, from pitch darkness to sunlight and everything in between.

Wherever secure access is required you can gain the confidence that only a positive biometric identification can provide. The system removes the risk of someone gaining access by “borrowing” or improperly acquiring an ID card, password or PIN number. With minimum intrusion and maximum convenience, you are assured that only the right person can proceed.

Key Features:

  • Light-immune camera – the world’s only truly light-immune solution, unaffected by changes in ambient lighting
  • Non-intrusive – the user simply looks towards the camera for an instant to successfully verify
  • Flexible – users need not be in an absolutely fixed location in relation to the camera –approximately 1m away is fine and you don’t need to hold still.  Accommodates a wide user height variation.
  • Contactless – well suited to sensitive locations (e.g. hospitals) as the system is non-touch
  • Fast – successful verification takes less than 2 seconds
  • Familiar – using the system is as easy as having your photograph taken, or glancing in the mirror
  • Effortless – installation is quick and easy with a number of configuration choices, including the popular Nedap, Wiegand and IP configurations
  • In-Built Human Factor Design –supremely user friendly for both internal and external use; each standard unit accommodates 99.9% of the adult population’s height ranges; customised installations in other configurations can be supplied to customer requirements
  • Well supported by a dedicated team of software and hardware engineers.

Key Benefits:

  • Heightened security – By adding face recognition you ensure that only the right person, not just the right card, is gaining entry to your premises.
  • Protection of stolen identities – Even if an identity card is found or stolen or a PIN number is hacked or otherwise improperly obtained, entry is only permitted with the right face match.
  • Cost savings – Face recognition can be used to add security to an access point 24 hours a day, offering efficiency savings and potential for re-deployment of staff to more value-added tasks.
  • Reduction of administration costs – for instance, by using face recognition with a PIN number, the capital cost of ID cards and the administration to replace lost cards is removed.
  • Easy integration – Face recognition is easily integrated into 3rd party access control systems and can also be used as a stand-alone system if required.
  • Staff and Premises Protection – Access settings of terminated, to-be-terminated and former employees can easily be changed in the database both locally and remotely, in real-time, with a few clicks directly in a web browser.
  • Future-proof security – You can add face recognition capability to specific doors as needed.  Additional locations can be installed and connected at a later date with minimal cost and deployment time.
  • Health & safety assistance - With an event such as a fire alarm, face recognition can accurately tell who is in the premises and where they are likely to be located by viewing their last access point and time.

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