Decision Support Systems


Facial image recognition and access management systems/applications are areas where we provide solution design, delivery, integration and software development services.

We work with industry leading technologies to deliver stand-alone and comprehensive, fully integrated capabilities for national security, border control, police and government organisations.  Our experience in aerospace, defence, intelligence and police combined with complementary experience in transportation and financial services enables us to integrate fast, effective, accurate and robust facial recognition capabilities for security, identity management/resolution, investigation support, custody suite and commercial access management requirements.

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Facial Image Recognition


Call us in the UK when you need advice, software or solutions relating to:

  • Biometric identification records system
  • Extremely fast face recognition software
  • Face recognition digital image processing
  • Access control software and biometric devices
  • Biometrics security and identification
  • Identity technology
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Automated biometric identification systems
  • Specialist photo analysis
  • Different types of biometric applications
  • Different biometrics devices.

Applications in biometric security and identity management can be complex.  Ensuring accuracy and speed are key to an effective decision support system based on biometric information.  Call us today to learn about the latest in:

  • Biometric technology and systems
  • Identity and access management
  • Facial/face recognition
  • Object recognition and brand tracking
  • Photo analysis.

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