Decision Support Systems

Business Intelligence

We establish business insight, performance management and knowledge management systems for business and public sector organisations. We develop applications for balanced scorecards and dashboards and use other tools and techniques to support improved management decision making.

Call us to discuss the issues you are seeking to address and how we are able to assist you.  Our Business Intelligence Consultancy will evaluate how your organisation might benefit from:

  • A balanced scorecard in business or the public sector
  • The development of a management dashboard
  • The development of KPIs and their monitoring
  • The development of KRIs and their monitoring
  • Beyond ‘business intelligence’.  Providing business modelling and model visualisation as well as enabling intuitive access to all supporting data and information sources.

Our IT consultants help you to:

  • Consider why to use organisational and reporting dashboards
  • Create a framework for dashboard reporting
  • Develop a performance dashboard including appropriate systems integration and information access
  • Implement performance management and business intelligence software
  • Use balance scorecard as a management tool
  • Get the best from knowledge management systems in business
  • Explore the alternative ways to establish information management, performance reporting and knowledge management in business.

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