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Key Capabilities with Better Search Results for File Systems

Key capabilities include:

  • Search across the file system(s) with appropriate user security and access controls maintained
  • Search on document content not just titles and file names. Go beyond keyword search and beyond Google style search to gain search results based on the meaning of words in context
  • Natural language search terms.  Write the search the way you would ask it of another person – not just keywords
  • Semantic search and disambiguation.  For example, when your search includes the word ‘set’, or ‘polo’, or ‘June’, which definition of those words do you want results for?  The search engine helps resolve this through linguistic analysis and user navigation support, ensuring the results set is as pertinent as possible to the user’s intent
  • Enhanced results navigation with document summaries, ‘found term’ highlighting and collapsible results based on categories
  • Gain insight into other potentially pertinent information through linguistic analysis so that a search for ‘vehicle’ also returns results for types of vehicles e.g. lorry, car, truck, motorbike … Enable search for all variants of a verb.  Enable a search for ‘election’ to also locate items with ‘vote’ or ‘ballot’ or other related terms
  • Automatically handle synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, variant spellings and contractions – providing results for the contraction and its extended form and for accepted variant spellings – where beneficial to do so
  • Understand location concepts e.g. a search for South America can return results for countries and locations within South America – not just for items containing the term ‘South America’
  • Extract telephone numbers even if they are not labelled as such
  • Search across multiple languages
  • Find ‘people’ even if you do not know their name(s).

Using a combination of advanced techniques including natural language processing, linguistic analysis, semantic analysis, fuzzy matching, parametric search, federated search, lemmatization and normalisation the enhanced search capabilities delivered by Diegesis provide enhanced efficiency and productivity for users of information stored in file systems.

Don’t let valuable information and knowledge lie dormant – let your employees locate it quickly and intuitively.  

Maximise the benefit available from the resources you have today.

Stop wasting time searching and spend more time performing. 

Extend advanced file system search to provide enhanced search results across all your key systems and repositories with Enterprise Search.

Get in touch to find out how quickly and easily you can enhance productivity for File Systems and across your organisation.