Decision Support Systems

Custody Suites, Criminal Investigation, Border Control

With the increasing sophistication of organised and international crime the need for accurate, rapid and dependable identity resolution and identity assurance has become paramount.

From national border control to national and local police action, the need for accurate identification of individuals is important for safety, security and control.

Facial recognition, an area of biometrics, is a key component in providing assurance about who is who.  The introduction of biometric passports in many countries along with the use of photo i.d. cards and photo driving licenses is improving many aspects of security.  Combining these various forms of identification along with DNA, fingerprint and other forensic techniques provides the greatest capability to ensure you know who is who.

Diegesis’ integration skills and experience enable us to deliver biometric (face recognition) capabilities as a stand-alone or fully integrated system.  We can provide the appropriate process controls and audit capability to ensure seamless use in combination with other core investigation tools and systems.  Use face recognition to enhance custody suite safety and identity recognition or as part of a comprehensive crime investigation and analysis toolkit; combining facial recognition with data extraction, text analysis, document analysis, entity and identity resolution, relationship and link analysis, and data visualisation tools.

A comprehensive, integrated, investigation and analysis environment optimizes decisions and maximises results.

In the fight against crime, terrorism and national security threats this enables:

  • Increased awareness, surety and knowledge (who is who, who knows who ...)
  •  Supports effective decision making for optimum action
  •  Speeds investigations
  •  Enhances productivity of officers, analysts and investigators
  •  Increases capacity for collaboration with other forces and agencies.

For police custody suites images can be produced to meet the UK police forces’ custody image standard (previously the 'FIND' standard) – designed to facilitate:

  • The consistent capture of facial images in police custody suites up and down the UK
  • The inter-changeability and inter-operability of facial images, within and between forces
  • The use of facial image data as an additional 'tool in the box' for criminal investigations.

Initial trials in 2007 and 2008 were successful; after many years of work with the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and its predecessor the Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO), to create and deliver effective facial imaging solutions that serve the needs of the Law Enforcement community in the UK and beyond. These solutions are now in widespread use by British Police forces enabling:

  • Quality assurance and image standards conformance
  • Facial identification and large scale facial repository search.

For investigation support and boarder control the one-to-many face recognition capability enables next-generation applications involving very large numbers of images. Using an exceptional facial biometric search engine which provides unprecedented speed and accuracy at multi-million scale.

With an easy-to-use interface it allows approved users to:

  •  create, remove, update and delete subjects
  •  create, remove, update and delete images
  •  add images to specified sub-set watch lists
  •  conduct ID searches based on customer selected criteria, including – Gender, Ethnicity & Age Range.

The solution can be easily integrated into Passport, Driving Licence and National ID systems as well as providing ideal solutions for positive identity checking in law enforcement and immigration applications. These facial biometric capabilities can also be deployed to help fight identity fraud in a wide range of other public and commercial sector applications.

Diegesis can deliver these capabilities as a stand-alone solution or integrate them into more comprehensive decision support environments if required.

Key Features

  •  fast - search results appear typically in under 3 seconds at multi-million scale
  •  accommodating - user-friendly GUI features & tools help users to achieve a positive final match
  •  accessible - can be operated on a stand-alone basis or connected to an intranet/internet system for easy web enabled access
  •  adaptable - web-based interfaces mean it is easily incorporated into other applications
  •  robust - specifically designed for large scale and multi-user applications where concurrent multiple searches are required
  •  easy to use - just two clicks of a mouse can return identification results
  •  generates very accurate matches with police standard, passport standard and other high quality images, but can also be effective with other good images, including CCTV.

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