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Diegesis can help you implement a test environment where you can get to grips with using enterprise search and establish how it will benefit individual users, departments, divisions and the entire organisation.

With a rapid test environment you can run a basic test scenario, supported by Diegesis, within a matter of days or take a phased approach to a full live implementation.

At the ‘basic’ level enterprise search provides a single, secure search window across all appropriate repositories, allowing a single search request to return a consolidated results list from all approved systems.  This can include traditional structured data sources such as databases, ERP, SCM, CRM and finance systems as well as ‘unstructured data sources’ such as file systems, free text, e-mail, documents, presentations, intranet, web …

This enhances accessibility but the real power comes from the information filtering process which ensures that the results hit-lists are relevant, pertinent and of value.

Enabling the federated search process to return pertinent information based on the context of the query extracts real value from the organisation’s information. Whether using comparatively ‘simple’ capabilities such as dictionaries of terms and associations, the use of master data management tools and semantic analysis (to account for misspellings and variations) or more advanced linguistic analysis (e.g. lemmatisation, normalisation, disambiguation, concept/entity extraction and meaning based analysis).  In some circumstances such as for support query routing and market perception analysis the ‘intent’ or ‘sentiment’ of an item of information can be assessed.

For international and global organisations the ability to extract meaning from multiple languages whilst including the above capabilities adds to the ability of individuals to gain maximum benefit and re-use of the organisation’s vast store of information.

Diegesis provide skills, experience and products to support you in assessing and addressing your enterprise search needs.  We provide powerful, scalable, flexible, secure and robust software to enable your employees to work more effectively.

Users are able to search a wide variety of content, information and data in their own terms.  Contextual understanding and powerful search technology enables rapid delivery of pertinent results and the ability to refine the results down to the precise information required.  Visibility of related items and similar items supports further investigation, exploration, understanding and discovery.

Advanced search technologies and information access software linked to ‘meaning based’ search capability enables people to locate what they need when they need it whilst supporting the ability to investigate, analyze,  explore and understand topics of interest.

The power of this capability can also be used to enable people to discover information, data and content that they were unaware of previously or could not find, and thus enhances the potential for optimum decision making and the probability of greater innovation.

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”  — Elliot, T. S. (1934). The Rock. Faber & Faber.

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