Decision Support Systems

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is often the key element in developing a competitive advantage. Consequently, the tools and techniques used to access data, information and knowledge as well as the systems and processes used to support management decision making, require the most careful consideration. To explore fully the best tools and systems to support and enhance knowledge management for your organisation, call us today for a free no obligation discussion.

We advise on:

  • How to apply knowledge management to competitive advantage
  • The types of IT tools, processes and techniques available to support increased knowledge dissemination, transfer and re-use
  • How information systems support decision making
  • The impact of decision support software and processes for cohesive delivery of comprehensive, pertinent and accurate supporting information
  • Decision support systems & databases in knowledge management
  • System analysis for enterprise content management systems
  • Collaboration vs. knowledge management
  • The advantages of different knowledge management systems
  • Decision support in business operations
  • SOA and knowledge management information technology
  • Knowledge management for military, defence, intelligence, aerospace, engineering, construction, power, utilities, oil gas and nuclear organisations
  • Information management, information architecture, enterprise information architecture, document & content management, data management, risk management, information analysis and extraction, enterprise and federated search, insight solutions. 

We develop with our clients:

  •  Ways to establish knowledge management in business
  • The most effective knowledge management system for their needs
  • Extraction & tacit knowledge support software
  • Decision support and strategic planning systems
  • Ways to improve systems and infrastructure to best support effective knowledge management and optimum decision making.

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