Decision Support Systems

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions can be challenging.  Financial, Personnel, Asset, Process, Policy, Compliance, Culture, Branding, Market perception ... all aspects need to be managed efficiently and rapidly to maximise the performance of the new organisation.

Diegesis provide a number of offerings to assist in the transition following a merger or acquisition.  These are aimed at easing the transition and speeding the process to the ‘new normality’ where people can be productive in the new environment.

Portal can enable a rapid user environment which provides a common look and feel to systems from both companies – rapidly enabling a personalized, productive environment for users.

Enhanced and extended search capabilities then provide the additional information ‘findability’ which maximizes the benefit of all the pertinent information across the newly formed enterprise to maximise the benefit of the combined information resources.  Enterprise search also supports due diligence for rapidly locating information and data from across the acquired enterprise’s systems.

Systems Integration enables system consolidation, process integration and maximum efficiency of the IT environment and the company processes and compliance requirements without having a negative impact on users.

Offerings for companies growing through merger or acquisition: