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Delivering Rapid, Cost Effective, Portal Deployment Capability

Diegesis are skilled in IBM WebSphere® Portlet Factory which provides a Java™ Platform based portlet, widget, web and rich client development and customization environment.  This enables us to be highly productive and deliver excellent value for money in the deployment and customization of portal environments.

WebSphere Portlet Factory supercharges the delivery of enterprise-grade, rich, interactive Web 2.0 style applications.

As a result Diegesis are able to provide you with rapid portal development and deployment capabilities.  We can complement your in-house developers to deliver faster and at lower cost or deliver your end-to-end portal requirements.

Using IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer and our experienced developers speeds IBM WebSphere Portal deployments by automating portlet development for faster time-to-value and enables us to construct, change, deploy, and maintain custom portlets (or to train your team to do so).

  • IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer provides pre-built integrations for existing applications and data sources such as Lotus® Notes® and Domino®, SAP®, PeopleSoft®, REST, Web services and more.
  • Offers enhanced support for rich user interfaces including drag & drop, in-line editing, contextual menus, and intelligent page refreshing while ‘Builders’ provide reusable components that developers employ to automate and supercharge portlet , widget, web and rich client development and deployment.
  • Dynamic Profiling enables on demand delivery of portlet variations without writing additional custom code.
  • Supports deployment to IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Expeditor rich clients, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM Mashup Center - from a single code base.

Portlets are ‘portable’ to any Java standard JSR168 environment.