Decision Support Systems

Relationship Analysis

Whereas entity and identity resolution define ‘what is what’ and ‘who is who’, Relationship Analysis defines ‘Who knows who’, ‘who is linked to what/where/when’ and the network of links from one to another to provide visibility of the network of interacting identities and entities.

Combining Relationship Analysis with Enterprise Search and Identity Resolution/Entity Resolution provides maximum insight and decision support information.

The full capability enables analysis of data and unstructured information content such as documents, text, e-mails, web, reports, file systems and other free form information records.  To support international operations (and co-operation) multi-language linguistic analysis is available.

This enables natural language searches based on entities to be performed.  For example users could search for a ‘person’ linked to another ‘person’ by a ‘document’; or a ‘person’ linked to a ‘location’ and a ‘vehicle’ linked to the same ‘location’ (but not necessarily linked directly to the person).

Relationship Analysis is vital to effective defence, intelligence, security, law enforcement and border control activities to ensure the most accurate information is available and that the safety of staff is maintained.  It also enables the effective use of resources - targeting efforts on accurate objectives and preventing time being wasted chasing erroneous targets.  Increased certainty reduces the potential for confusion and reduces the risk profile for operations.