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Enhanced Search for Lotus Domino

Find it.  Act on it. With enhanced search for Lotus Domino environments.

Find the information you need rapidly and intuitively from across the Lotus and Domino domain.

Maximise daily performance for Lotus Domino users by reducing the time taken by each individual to locate and access the information they require from the Lotus environment (and potentially across the enterprise).

Search for, navigate, access, analyse, understand, use and communicate information, quickly, efficiently, securely and effectively.

Has Lotus been a great success in your organisation?  Has the system expanded and grown?  Are users making the most of the ease of use and flexible capabilities it provides?  If so then users are probably starting to wish they had more effective search capabilities to locate information across the expanding information stores in Lotus/Domino. 

The once easy to navigate system has grown substantially and vast volumes of information are now stored in the Lotus/Domino domain.  As a result it is becoming harder to locate any given piece of information using the normal navigation methods and keyword search capability.

Estimates vary but analyst research indicates that a typical knowledge worker spends 1.5 hours to 3 hours (or about 15% to 35%) of their time at work, just searching for information (this is a generic issue and not just related to Lotus/Domino). 

Gain more pertinent results to your searches in Lotus and Domino.

Enable staff to compile all the pertinent information they need with one search.

With enhanced search using IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition you can enhance search results quality, increase daily productivity and increase the benefits to be gained from the information stored within your Lotus and Domino environments.

Benefits of more effective and intuitive Lotus/Domino search include:

  •  Higher efficiency
  •  Greater productivity
  •  Reduced costs
  •  Increased job satisfaction
  •  Greater opportunity for innovation
  •  Greater performance
  •  Improved decisions through greater insight
  •  Improved team work.

To add even greater value, your ability to run effective internal audits and demonstrate compliance is enhanced, thus improving the posture of the organisation as a whole.


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Diegesis can enable federated and advanced, intuitive search capabilities across your entire enterprise not just Lotus/Domino, enabling search across your structured data and unstructured information.

Diegesis can also support you with Lotus Notes and Domino archiving - improve performance and response times whilst reducing hardware and storage costs.

We can also integrate e-discovery for legal compliance and litigation support and provide integrated enterprise document and content management capabilities.