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Find it.  Act on it.  Finding the information you need intuitively and fast, using natural language search capabilities and advanced analytics for document content, text and data.

Maximise daily performance by reducing the time taken by each individual to locate and access the information they require from across your systems.

Search for, navigate, access, analyse, understand, use and communicate information, quickly, efficiently, securely and effectively regardless of where it is located.

Enterprise search and information access software enables staff to compile all the pertinent information they need.  It also provides the opportunity for greater insight and innovation from the organisation’s existing information.

Estimates vary but analyst research indicates that a typical knowledge worker spends 1.5 hours to 3 hours (or about 15% to 35%) of their time at work, just searching for information.

The variety of formats in which information is stored exacerbates the situation – it is commonly accepted, and confirmed by industry analysts, that somewhere between 60% and 80% of corporate information is not in a ‘structured data’ format but is in ‘unstructured’ formats such as documents, presentations, ‘free text’, e-mail …

With enterprise search you enable rapid analysis of what is likely to be truly critical information.  Ranking, categorisation and navigation capabilities enable users to rapidly collect the pertinent and relevant information types and specific items they require to perform their jobs efficiently, effectively and intuitively.

Search on document content not just titles and file names. Go beyond keyword search and beyond ‘Google’ search to gain search results and insight from the meaning of words in context.

Don’t let valuable information and knowledge lie dormant – let your employees locate it quickly and intuitively with federated (cross-system) search capability.   Maximise the benefit available from the resources you have today.

Enhance your ability to locate the pertinent information by adding contextual analysis and personalisation.

Stop wasting time searching and spend more time performing.  Use ‘meaning based’ analysis to aid in the location of the best and most beneficial information from across your organisation’s entire information domain.

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