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Enhanced Search for File Systems (Windows and UNIX)

Find it.  Act on it.  Finding the information you need rapidly and intuitively from your file systems.

Maximise daily performance by reducing the time taken by each individual to locate and access the information they require from the file system environment (and potentially across the enterprise).

Search for, navigate, access, analyse, understand, use and communicate information, quickly, efficiently, securely and effectively.

Gain more pertinent results from your file systems searches.

Enable staff to compile all the pertinent information they need with one search.

Have your file systems started to take on a life of their own?  Are they growing exponentially? Are users starting to get creative with their filing and storage methods?  Are filing policies and protocols being adhered to in the file system?

Users are probably starting to wish they had more effective search capabilities to locate information across the expanding volume of information stored in the file system(s). 

The once easy to navigate system has grown substantially and vast volumes of information are now stored with varying qualities of identification/indexing and differing filing structures developing – which is making taxonomy and file structure management more and more challenging.

As a result it is becoming harder to locate any given piece of information using the normal navigation methods (such as navigational search, tree structure navigation and keyword search capability).

Benefits of Enhanced Search Include:

With enhanced search you can improve the quality of search results, increase daily productivity and increase the benefits to be gained from the information stored within your File Systems.

Benefits of more effective and intuitive File System search include:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Greater opportunity for innovation
  • Greater performance
  • Improved decisions through greater insight.

To add even greater value, your ability to run effective internal audits and demonstrate compliance is enhanced, thus improving the posture of the organisation as a whole.

For international and global organisations the ability to extract meaning from multiple languages, whilst including the capabilities described below, adds to the ability of individuals to gain maximum benefit and re-use of the organisation’s vast store of information.

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Diegesis can also support you with file system archiving - improve performance and response times whilst reducing hardware and storage costs.