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Extending Search for IBM WebSphere Portal

Find it.  Act on it.  Finding the information you need rapidly and intuitively from across the entire enterprise.

Extend and enhance the reach and capability of IBM WebSphere Portal search to federate searches across all systems. Search content, data and text, across systems for meaningful results delivered in context.

Increase results accuracy, pertinence and relevancy using advanced analysis techniques.

Maximise daily performance by reducing the time taken by each individual to locate and access the information they require from across the organisation’s systems.

Gain from significant enhancements in scalability, performance and the ability to pull content from many more enterprise repositories.

Benefit from additional search features and functions and enhance the end user’s experience and productivity.

Extend your WebSphere Portal capabilities and functionality using the IBM® strategic enterprise search middleware platform - IBM OmniFind® Enterprise Edition.

WebSphere Portal Search Engine technology provides the ability to index and search portal portlets and pages via portal site search (including Web, Public IBM Workplace Web Content Management™ and WebSphere Portal Document Manager content and attachments).

Now you can enable portal users (and others) to search for and locate information across the enterprise information domain, including structured and unstructured data sources (file systems, databases, document management systems, Lotus/Exchange...) with one search.

With ever increasing volumes of data and information being stored in diverse systems and locations it is becoming more and more difficult to locate the pertinent information one desires.

It is becoming harder to locate any given piece of information using the normal navigation methods and keyword search capability.

Estimates vary but analyst research indicates that a typical knowledge worker spends 1.5 hours to 3 hours (or about 15% to 35% of their time at work), just searching for information.

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