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Systems Integration

The effective integration of enterprise and business systems into a cohesive framework enables effective management, efficiency and productivity with a well controlled total cost of ownership.  The effective streamlining of processes, reduction of IT overhead, and increase in transactional and process speeds can provide a major strategy advantage and improve effectiveness across the organisation.

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Information system design and integration

  • Enterprise architecture and systems architecture
  • Explore the benefits of information systems planning
  • EAI versus SOA (Enterprise Application Integration versus Service Oriented Architecture)
  • The different types of management information systems and what is right for your business
  • Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA)
  • Information and knowledge management (IKM)
  • Data management & Information management
  • Enterprise frameworks
  • Solutions architecture and design. 

Information systems management

  • SOA, knowledge management and integration strategy
  • How to improve UK business survival with better management information
  • Database and information management systems in business.

Integrated executive information systems

  • Designing IT for the management information you need
  • Understanding and deploying the Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Key Results Indicators (KRIs) and the tools to help manage, measure and monitor them throughout the organisation
  • How to manage business risks better
  • Business and management information systems suitable for your organisation.

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  • Strategic information system
  • Enterprise information system
  • Executive information system
  • Your current information system projects
  • Project management information system
  • Business and systems integration
  • Health care information systems
  • Defence & Intelligence information system
  • Engineering and construction information system
  • Utilities, Oil, Gas, Nuclear, network and power information system.

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