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How to Apply Knowledge Management to Competitive Advantage

Within our team we have decades of experience in key areas which enable us to professionally and effectively apply knowledge management to competitive advantage. We will:

  • Listen well – to understand your key business drivers, objectives and the factors which will enable you to do business faster, better, for lower cost, for greater return, or, especially in the case of public sector organisations, to meet your organisations objectives more efficiently and effectively.
  • To assess the business needs of your organisation and rapidly analyse where technology, or a combination of technology and process/organisational change, can provide a solution (or opportunity).
  • Work with you to assess alternative solutions; or to recommend a solution.
  • Work with you to assess the anticipated return on investment (ROI) for the considered technology implementation and process changes; and to assist in prioritising investments on this basis.
  • Supply, test, implement, integrate and support appropriate software and code to deliver on your stated business objectives and to deliver a valuable ROI.

We use a world class client engagement process to ensure we understand your drivers for change, your required outcomes, your key performance indicators and your satisfaction criteria; which in turn ensures we deliver against mutually agreed objectives and ultimately meet your needs.

Technical and Delivery Skills

Consultancy: Business analysis, Return on Investment analysis, Supplier/solution selection, Supplier management.

Delivery: Solution design and architecture, Programme management, Project Management, Design authority, System delivery, Systems integration, IT services, Coding, Bespoke system documentation, Training and Support.

Supply: Software, Services, (Hardware – if required), Sub-contractor services, Support
Diegesis’ technical and delivery skills cover a significant range of core technologies, business deliverables, code bases and standards – ensuring you get value for money, reduced project risk, greater control over timelines and high quality results.

In larger projects we may supplement our skills with those from other trusted organisations to ensure you have effective project delivery through one contact point and one easy to manage contract and procurement process.  We have significant experience of managing channel operations as well as sub-contract relationships; which we use to ensure smooth operations and seamless delivery to you.

As an organisation we focus on employing people who have the skills and the desire to engage, participate and deliver.

We have a range of skills, which cover areas such as:

  • Information Management (Data management, business intelligence, content and document management, web content, portals, archiving, records management, automated data capture (from documents, graphics, photos))
  • Risk Management (project risk management, governance, compliance, enterprise risk management)
  • Integration (systems integration, service oriented architecture, data integration, information integration)
  • Search (web, data, content, sophisticated federated search, complex rules based and logic based enterprise search, cross enterprise and secure shared search including graphics, data, text and content)
  • Collaboration (team environments including web based)
  • Business Process Management and Workflow (including document centric workflow, business process management, business transaction management and monitoring)
  • J2EE, Java, WebSphere, C++ …

In addition we work with a number of specialist companies to provide niche and proprietary skills where required.


Skills Map


Diegesis have particular skills in delivering large scale solutions based on Java and using a ‘service oriented architecture’ (SOA); assembled from a number of discrete components integrated together and often using work-flow technologies.

Our team aim is to minimise the volume of code that must be written by exploiting market leading software products within a well structured solution architecture ensuring that:

  • Support is simplified
  • Ongoing development and maintenance costs are controlled
  • The time taken to bring new capabilities to market is minimised
  • Quality software products are leveraged to maximum effect
  • We facilitate the ability of our clients to train their staff in these products so that they can, where they wish, develop the solutions we provide
  • A platform/foundation for flexible future evolution of solutions is provided – avoiding a ‘rip and replace’ approach which is often so disruptive to a business.

Diegesis’ particular focus at present is the use of technologies to deliver Decision Support Systems to clients. 

Diegesis also focus on implementing applications that enable enterprises to deliver their business more effectively – for example taking on more business without increasing headcount, speeding up IT and human processes for greater efficiency and customer responsiveness, freeing up ‘administration time’ to focus on activities which add value to the business, maximising IT asset productivity and capital efficiency.

Managed Risk

A number of our founding directors and key employees have a background in enterprise risk management and specifically project risk management – including founding one of the world’s leading enterprise risk management software application companies.  As such we understand effective risk management and the potential pitfalls to avoid within major projects.  This allows us to deliver to you in an effectively managed approach with an open view of the risks and rewards involved.  We will discuss openly with you any key risks on the initial project risk register and agree how they are to be addressed, managed, mitigated, insured etc. and by whom.  This approach to risk ensures that:

  • Everyone is clear of their responsibilities
  • Key risks are handled in line with your organisations appetite for risk
  • We can provide excellent value for money based on the level of risk you desire us to take in delivering to you
  • An appropriate level of risk management is applied based on the size and complexity of the project.

Through the application of quality processes, from how we engage with you to the way we deliver, we reduce the risk for all involved.

Our skills and experience through decades of software, systems and solutions delivery to some of the world’s largest companies, across most major industries, enables us to manage our relationship with you; and the delivery to you of everything from components and products to services and support; in a professional manner.

Our focus on delivering value to the business and the desire to deliver a significant return on your investment with us means our objectives are aligned with yours.  Our additional objective is that you should be happy with your dealings with us and wish to work with us again as well as happily recommend us to others.

Our company ethos is one of delivering value in a professional, ethical and honourable manner.  We expect to earn your trust and to deserve it.  As such you know when you engage with Diegesis that you can be open and forthright – ensuring that we are all focussed on the same objectives with full visibility and clarity.

If you would like to discuss what we could do for your organisation, please contact us.


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