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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and is a recognised national statistical institute. The organisation is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels. ONS also conducts the census in England and Wales every 10 years. For more information, visit

Following an initial proof of concept phase, Diegesis Limited, an independent business technology and IT systems integration company, has been awarded a managed services contract by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 framework. Under the two-year agreement, Diegesis will support and maintain ONS’s existing Ingres/Actian-X systems written in Applications-By-Forms (ABF) and OpenROAD while maintaining business as usual (BAU) during the organisation’s critical period of IT transition. The programme requires Diegesis to provide a team of experienced, skilled staff requiring government Security Clearance to support a number of systems that collect and process data for a variety of surveys conducted by the ONS.

Diegesis will carry out a comprehensive range of activities including essential support and maintenance of operational systems, responding to service desk requests and providing updates to existing systems to help meet strategic and legislative changes. The Diegesis team and its progress will be monitored and measured against ONS-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Nick Denning, Chief Executive Officer of Diegesis Limited commented, “We were chosen for our experience of Actian and our commitment to meeting the high levels of quality and good governance required by ONS. Our strong sense of accountability, openness and willingness to share knowledge closely matches ONS’s requirement for responsible teamwork. This is a hugely exciting project for Diegesis that showcases our capabilities and skills in this technology and we look forward to working with ONS to deliver a successful IT transition and management of systems with minimal risk and to meeting our commitments to improve quality, efficiency and to reduce operational costs.”

Diegesis staff have worked on Ingres projects over the past 30 years. They have established a solid reputation as specialists in relational database technology, all aspects of integration and in data analytics particularly in the government sector including Ingres/Actian-X IBM DB2, MariaDB and SQL Server. Today, the company applies its knowledge and expertise to remove the operational business support risks to enterprises using the Ingres database and applications written in these tools. Diegesis also helps organisations refactor and service enable this reliable and trusted code and then develop replacement web front ends to invoke these services. Diegesis works closely with customers to deliver a robust, responsive and sustainable business as usual (BAU) framework from day one, at reduced cost. Diegesis can also integrate with an organisation’s existing consulting team to maximise resources and results.

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