Our Partners

We have been experts in Ingres (now Actian-X) since the late 80’s covering all aspects of Ingres technology. We work closely with Actian to provide services to the Ingres community to assist customers to maintain and develop their Ingres systems.

We have been IBM partners since the formation of the company and have great experience in their integration, data management and data analytics technology with a particular focus on the needs of Justice and Emergency services community. Our AI Team are investigating Watson.

We have been a services provider to SCC for a number of years initially delivering services to assist in the solution design, deployment, performance management, and trouble shooting of IBM’s integration, data management, and data analytics technology sold by SCC. Our performance and resulted in being engaged on a number of challenging consulting engagements to support SCC customers.

We were introduced to 2iC by IBM in 2014 and have worked since then on over 50 projects as a sub-contractor developing 2iC products.

We are certified at Cyber Essentials with our colleagues being certified to Cyber Essentials +. Within the team we can certify other organisations to Cyber Essentials, populating the pervade platform automatically from our cyber security platform.

Arrow are our IBM distributor and we have worked closely with them for many years at a number of levels.

We have been a Red Hat partner for many years, primarily using Red Hat Enterprise Linux to underpin our products and services across many projects. We aspire to engage more deeply with RedHat using JBOSS technologies.

We are a member of ADS primarily as a mechanism for managing our clearances. We intend to be more active in the future.

We collaborate with many SME’s and Borwell is a great example based on personal relationships between directors and an appetite for cooperation and collaboration on projects.

BMS have also provided great staff, bringing to us the mechanism for using the L4 sales apprenticeship scheme to train our young sellers.

We see Pareto law as a long standing exemplar of professional sales recruitment and have had a long relationship leading to our first hires from them recently.

MariaDB is a vital component of many of the development projects we undertake and we have extensive knowledge of a range of MariaDB technology. We aspire to become a fully fledged partner reselling RHEL, MariaDB and AWS subscriptions in association with our products.

Finling are our accounts providing us a full service at an economic price to meet the needs of a growing IT company.

We have know the Euro IT Group since 1987 and collaborate at various levels to identify and undertake joint projects.

We have been members of techUK since formation and play an active part in techUK events, with our director serving on the Justice and Emergency Services Committee in the past.

We have extensive operational experience of managing our cloud platform in an AWS environment, deploying and managing EC2 instances from Atlassian Bitbucket using pipelines and code deploy implementing security best practices to deliver a robust and secure platform.