What We Do

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Unlock the hidden value of your data

We help companies release the full potential buried in their mission critical heritage systems.
By modernising them, we give these systems a new lease of life,
allowing them to become a robust part of your hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Business Support

With our innovative solutions, we can help you modernise your IT Infrastructure

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Case Studies

Working with Ingres

Supporting and working with Ingres systems have been a central part of our business since inception and as a result we have decades of experience to bear. Diegesis are able to offer specialist support and migration services while catering to specific needs, whether onsite or remote, cloud or heritage.

Given the increasing scarcity of experienced Ingres programmers in the market today, we are able to reduce organizational risk and remove points of failure by utilising our highly-skilled and knowledgeable Ingres talent while training the next generation of Ingres programmers.

With our dedicated support and specialist knowledge, we can target latent pain and tackle technical debt, while increasing runtime speeds and implementing quality of life improvements, including web-enabling existing ABF and OpenROAD applications.

Working with Informix

Systems running on heritage technologies, like Informix, often suffer from a lack of maintenance and development support, leading to difficulties with the system. This can be due to a loss of knowledge about them, or simply that they work, whilst not demanding attention.


These well-established systems can contain a huge amount of corporate knowledge and value – in both the data stored and the business rules used to process this information. But as these systems lose focus, this value gets locked away.


All these issues stem from a lack of expertise.  This is when you can turn to Diegesis for help.  We focus on being experts on heritage systems, ensuring that you get the most value from your investments.

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Government and Defence

Diegesis have been trusted for decades to deliver and support systems for government and defence organisations where we are able to enhance competitiveness, reduce costs and provide platforms for innovation.

The Diegesis team includes experts from a variety of relevant backgrounds including the armed forces, air traffic management, defence systems development and weapons analysis. With an appreciation of the complexity of requirements and of the operational environment, our security cleared staff are well positioned to support the enhancement of security operations and ensure a rapid ‘time to performance’ for government and defence organisations.


Global financial markets and banking and finance organisations are currently having a challenging time, however as the appetite for risk increases once more, and markets start to respond, there will be a need to realign policy with the new approach and increased governance.

Diegesis have a range of offerings to assist banking and finance companies. The team’s experience comes from many years of working providing payments solutions, systems integration and file transfer solutions, process management/workflow systems, and document & content management systems (for enhanced customer services, account opening, Data Protection/FoI compliance, change of address, forms processing, claims handling, statement archiving), to many of the UK’s leading retail banks, private banks, and other organisations.

Risk Management

A number of our founding directors and key employees have a background in enterprise risk management and specifically project risk management - including founding one of the world’s leading enterprise risk management software application companies. As such we understand effective risk management and the potential pitfalls to avoid within major projects.

This allows us to deliver to you in an effectively managed approach with an open view of the risks and rewards involved. We will discuss openly with you any key risks on the initial project risk register and agree how they are to be addressed, managed, mitigated, insured etc. and by whom.

System Integration

With our decades of experience managing and implementing system integration projects, Diegesis is able to provide elegant, functional and scalable solutions to real-world business problems. Work we have done in the past includes:

  • Redesigning system integration software to reduce system load
  • Developing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
  • B2B integration
  • Ongoing integrations support
  • Integration solutions in a secured environment

Our experiences have clearly shown to us the huge benefit to business of integrating enterprise systems into a cohesive framework, enabling better management, more efficiency and increased productivity with a well-controlled total cost of ownership. The effective streamlining of processes, reduction of IT overhead, and increase in transactional and process speeds goes further in providing a major strategy advantage and improving effectiveness across an organisation.