Unlock Your Legacy Ingres Data

Is your organisation looking to drive more value from the vast amounts of data locked in your legacy Ingres database?

Are you keen to transform the way you work by migrating your Ingres on premise data to the cloud?

Migrating data between different RDBMS products is reasonably straightforward. Migrating bespoke applications, that process the data to access data in alternative RDBMS products, can be challenging.  Performance can also be impacted if legacy 2 tier applications, on your local machine must access data across the internet in the cloud. Therefore, moving applications near to the database is important.

It is also important to move Ingres data into the Actian Data Platform, which is essentially Ingres in the Cloud. Applications can be run via Terminal Services on a Windows Server with good network connectivity to the Actian Data Platform (OpenROAD).  If your ABF applications are run on a UNIX or Linux machine, you can migrate them to another Linux and run them from there acting as an application server.

A likely target is to progressively move your ABF and OpenROAD applications to the web. Actian is advancing tools to convert ABF to OpenROAD and to convert OpenROAD to java scripts, though such approaches are unlikely to ever provide a full conversion capability.

Other options include using replication technologies such as FiveTran, previously HVR, to replicate Ingres data to and from other repositories to facilitate integration and migration. It is also possible to use workflow technology to integrate functions across systems and Master Data Management to get an overview of your data across all repositories.

Diegesis is here to help with your specific requirements 

At Diegesis we’ve been experts in Ingres since the late 80’s. We cover all aspects of the technology, including integration, migration, data quality, security and project management – all with a focus on increasing business value. We work closely with Actian to provide services to the Ingres community to assist customers to maintain, develop and migrate their Ingres systems.

Our 30+ years of experience in both public and private sector projects enables us to combine expertise in legacy technologies such as Ingres, ORACLE, SQL Server, Informix and IBM DB2 with the latest innovations from Actian Database as a Service, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP cloud platforms.

Diegesis has the people to help build your bridge from the present to the future. 

For further information contact Shelena or call 02045 154607